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Bamboo Basics Article Contents

Bamboo Basics - Article Contents in the works....

  1. What is Bamboo?
  2. Bamboo FAQ
  3. Fake Bamboo Plants Article
  4. Bamboo Clothing/Fiber and Rayon
  5. About Giant Bamboo

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is actually and evergreen plant, and a member of the true grass family Poaceae. It is the fastest growing woody perennial on the planet, and some of the giant species can grow up to four feet per day! It is found on nearly every continent in the world, and has a wide range of useful applications. Bamboo products are used extensively in the modern world, and its usage has been growing rapidly in recent years. It is a easily renewable resource and its cultivation is beneficial to the environment. A bamboo grove creates 5 times more bio-material than a typical pine forest, making it beneficial to the environment. Bamboo is truly an amazing plant, and provides great benefits for our planet.

There is currently over 1,000 known bamboo species, and 91 genera. The bamboo family is diverse and can grow in a wide range of climates and conditions. Bamboo can be found growing in the cold high altitude mountains of Tibet, and in the warm desert climates of sub-Saharan Africa. Sizes, shapes, colors, and behaviors of bamboo can also vary significantly. The plant can grow as short as a couple of inches, to as tall as 100 plus feet and 8 inches in diameter. Colors of bamboo canes are typically bright green, but can also be jet black, or even striped. The varying of apperances makes them an idea choice for ornamental and landscaping purposes. Bamboo is a staple of the Japanese garden and a symbol of Japanese culture.

The cultural significance of Bamboo in Asian culture is profound and has been well documented in the history books. In fact, Bamboo was actually used as the writing medium in ancient Chinese literature. Scribes would write on bamboo slats, which are know in the United States as bamboo scrolls. Much of the history of China has been document this way, and without bamboo much of it may have been lost.

Bamboo Scroll
Bamboo Scroll (Photo: vlasta2, from Flickr)