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Arizona Bamboo Nurseries and Suppliers

Growing Bamboo in Arizona

The harsh environment of Arizona would seem to make it a less than ideal area to grow bamboo… Surprisingly, this is not the case at all. Many clumping bamboos thrive in the HOT summers and mild winters. A wide range of bamboo species do very well, even in temperatures upwards to 110F. Although it is possible to grow running bamboos, most bamboo enthusiasts have found greater success growing clumping bamboos, such as Bambusa oldhamii (Oldham’s Bamboo) and Bambusa vertricosa (Buddha’s Belly). A commonly sold bamboo in Arizona to AVOID is Phyllostachys aurea (Arrow Bamboo), which turns often turns a scraggly yellow color and can be difficult to manage in a normal landscape. The climate of Arizona ranges dramtically, so always make sure to talk to a professional before planting your bamboo.

Bamboo Sources in Arizona

 Bamboo has yet to be fully embraced in Arizona and Bamboo Nurseries are few are far between. Although bamboo plants can be found at major nursery chains, we highly recommend buying from a specialty Arizona Bamboo Nursery. Growing bamboo in Arizona can be a challenge, and you will only find the most ideal bamboo species from a specialty bamboo nursery.


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