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Bamboo Wall Art

Does your home or office need some unique natural art? Bamboo wall art can be an excellent addition to any home or office. Asian cultures have using bamboo to produce art for thousands of years. Art is open to interpretation, and there are many talented artists in the United States that incorporate bamboo into their masterpieces.

Where to Find It

For the average consumer, bamboo art can be found at places like Cost Plus World Market or online at Amazon. In some areas, you may be able to find bamboo wall art from local art vendors in your area. Also, check with companies that import furniture and art from Asian countries.

DIY Art Projects

Today, much of the bamboo wall art you find in stores is imported from China, but it is quite easy to make bamboo art a do it yourself project. My wife and I used the dried canes of black bamboo and golden groove bamboo to make a unique hanging picture. We used the cuttings of the bamboo canes to make a multicolored picture of our home. It may not be the most beautiful piece of bamboo wall art, but it is in important part of our home décor. Also, bamboo is an excellent material for children’s art projects. Our kids have incorporated bamboo into many of their school art projects. It is easy to work with and its color and size variations lead to some very unique artwork.

Bamboo Wall Art in Home
Framed Bamboo Wall Art in Home


Artistic Bamboo Wall Art
Unframed Bamboo Wall Art (Not actual Bamboo Plant)

Bamboo is a sustainable plant and cultivation is good for the environment. Buying bamboo wall art increases the demand for bamboo cultivation throughout the world. Check out some of the pictures and add bamboo to your art collection soon.

We hope this helped you learn more about bamboo wall art