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Bamboo Biology - Identification

Bamboo Biology - Article Contents

  1. Taxonomy and Classification
  2. Morphology, Structure, and Anatomy
  3. Bamboo Behaviors
  4. Runners vs. Clumpers
  5. Identification
  6. The Bamboo Flower

Bamboo Identification

The identification of bamboo is a notoriously difficult task, primarily due to its long flowering intervals. In traditional taxonomy, the components of the flower are often the most distinguishable part of a plant and useful for classification purposes. In some species of bamboo the flowering interval can be as long as 130 years. The classification and precise identification of bamboo has been a topic of debate for centuries. We are currently in the process of creating a comprehensive bamboo identification guide. For now, we have posted a few useful links and our species list. Our species profiles contain pictures and key statistics which are be useful in the identification process.

Bamboo Identification Resources