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World Bamboo Organization

Name: World Bamboo Organizaiton (fmr. International Bamboo Association)
Location: Worldwide
Established: Japan 1992
Website: http://www.worldbamboo.net
Members: Unknown

About the World Bamboo Organization

The World Bamboo Organization was founded in 1992, and has played a fairly active role in coordinating the communication of bamboo issues between different countries and organizations. The group's general objective is to advance the use of bamboo as a renewable resource throughout the world. The WBO has been beneficial to corporations producting bamboo products and has allowed for easy communication between parties in different countires. This is a growing organization and there is much room for progress and improvement.

How to become a member of the World Bamboo Organization

So you want to join the World Bamboo Organization? You can join the World Bamboo Organization on their website. Current membership prices and benefits are not available.

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