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The American Bamboo Society

Name: The American Bamboo Society (ABS)
Location: Nationwide - United States of America
Established: 1979
Website: http://www.americanbamboo.org
Members: 1,300+

About the American Bamboo Society (ABS)

The American Bamboo Society is perhaps the most influential bamboo organization in the United States. The group from formed in 1979, and incorporated in the state of California in 1981. Many prominent bamboo voices are personalities are active in the the ABS. The group's general objective is to provide information about all aspects of bamboo cultivation, identification, culture, and appreciation. The society is also responsible for introducing new bamboo species into the USA, as well as preserving existing species. You would be hard pressed to find a bamboo supplier or enthusiast in the USA who is not a member. There are currently 11 chapters in the United States, each serving a unique geographical region. Further information about the objectives of ABS can be found on their website.

ABS distributes a Bimonthly magazine publication titled BAMBOO. ABS has also published a comprehensive species list and supplier directory on their website.

How to become a member of the American Bamboo Society

So you want to join the American Bamboo Society? Membership can be purchased online for a $40.00 annual fee. This fee decrease for longer memberships, and a lifetime membership option is available. You may also need to consult the ABS chapter in your region. We strongly recommend joining the ABS to any bamboo lover.